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11S Series
Spec Sheet
11S Series Heavy-Duty Dial Scale with Hook
Detecto's 11S Series aluminum dial scales are ruggedly built and can work for multiple purposes and bulk weighings. The 11S Series will weigh large or small quantities with speed and accuracy. They feature a large, 7" (178mm) single, clear aluminum dial with black lettering and durable heavy cast iron protective housing to enclose precision parts from dust.

11S Series Specifications
Housing: cast iron
Dial: 7" (18cm) dial, with aluminum face
Shipping Weight: 11 lb / 5 kg

11S Series Hanging Scale Models
Model Capacity Revolutions
11S200H 200 lb x 1/2 lb 1
11S400H 400 lb x 1 lb 1
11S200HKG 100 kg x 500 g 1
11S400HKG 200 kg x 500 g 1

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